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Tele+ - about us
TELE (Towards Effective Language Education) is an Erasmus+ project carried out by students and teachers in six schools in Europe, with the aim of improving the quality, efficiency and attractiveness of foreign languages education in our partner schools. Our students collaborate feeding content to the different sections of this digital journal. We develop our skills in English, and we keep updated about what's going on in our schools and in our countries. Welcome to TELE+!!

Catton Grove Primary School (CGPS) is a state school with 712 students (2-11 years old) and 120  members of staff.

At Catton Grove Primary we are passionate about learning. We want the best for our community both in and out of school and we work hard to try and achieve that. Although we are a large school, we pride ourselves in our ‘family atmosphere’ where we care and try to do the best for each other at all times.

We are very inclusive and we actively promote respect for and cooperation with each other. We try hard to develop values of tolerance and understanding in order to equip pupils to live in an ever changing world.


The Rural School Grouped "Ribera de Cañedo" is a public center of Early Childhood and Primary Education, located north of the province of Salamanca, which is formed by five towns: Calzada de Valdunciel, Castellanos de Villiquera, Topas, Santiz y Zamayón.


Escola El Castellot is a small public primary school in the Penedès rural vineyard area, 50km south from Barcelona.  There are about 120 students, aged 3 to 12 years old, in Pre-Primary (3-6) and Primary education (6-12), and 12 teachers.

We have been collaborating with our partner schools in several European countries in Erasmus KA2 and KA1 projects. 



Osnovna šola Križe is a primary school in the suburban part of Tržič, a small town in the north of Slovenia. There are around 360 pupils, aged 6 to 15, and 35 teachers in our school. The school participates in several national and international projects. We have been collaborating with the schools from our twin towns in Austria and France, as well as with schools from other European countries in Comenius and Erasmus projects. 

school website: https://www.oskrize.si/

project website: http://erasmus1.splet.arnes.si/


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Primary School No2 in Gliwice is a small school located in a nice residential suburb of the city. There are 15 teachers and about 130 students (age 6-15), attending classes 1-8. Since 2012 we have been collaborating with schools from different countries in eTwinning, Comenius and Erasmus+ projects. We are proud of our bonds with schools from all parts of Europe: Finland, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey... The international projects are an important part of our school life and are highly appreciated by our students as well as their parents.