Rubber carving workshop, like in some schools in the 1930s

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The second workshop was about printing with linoleum and rubber carving, by the illustrator Núria Tomàs, linked to the current exhibition at Vinseum “When life goes into the school. The Freinet Technique in the Penedès (1934-1937) ”, which vindicates the illustrations that children in the 1930s made with such skill for the notebooks they edited and shared with other schools.  They exchanged their magazines with schools all over Spain and also abroad.  It was like a pre-Erasmus project!

Núria and Laia taught us how to use the linoleum/rubber carving technique and each of us drew and printed a building in La Múnia and also a letter to make an alphabet. This workshop was very entertaining and hands on!   We really enjoyed it and look forward to doing something related to linoleum and rubber carving again!