Blood donation campaign

Our schools


On march 17th, in the school el Castellot, the people of blood and tissue bank came to make a campaign.

De people came to the school, and they had to do some tests before donating blood in case they could donate.

The boys and girls of 5th and 6th grade helped, the boys and girls hung posters in billboards, stores and in more places. And also they filmed a video, a representation when a person has an accident and the person needs blood, and another person comes to a donation of blood and donates the blood to the person of the accident. And it turns out that these two people knew each other and will never know that one saved the life of the other.

This year the school has registered the highest number of donations; 41 donations!!!!

This is the video of the donation of blood made of boys and girls of 6th and 5th grade: