Our school trip to the Iberian citadel of Calafell


Last month we went on a school trip to visit an Iberian citadel on the coast.

We were told that:  

All started 2.500 years ago .

When the Iberian people were on our area. They were very interesting people, they had an alphabet, nowadays we know the signs of the alphabet but we don’t know what the signs mean. They lived in small villages, the rich people lived in big houses, the poor people lived in very small houses,(only one room houses).The walls of the house were made of a mix of straw and mud and the tables were made of bamboo reeds and were fixed with mud.

How they traded?

The Iberians saw a boat in the sea.  They were very shy because they didn’t know if the other people would attack or only they would trade,  The Iberians watched what they did.  Later they saw that the people of the boat left a big jar of vine on the beach sand.  The Iberian people went to the beach and tasted the vine.  They said that the wine was delicious and the Iberian left another thing of food to exchange.  And they start trading.

When we finished we had lunch there and then we went to the beach where we got wet to our knees. At about 15:55 we left.